Offering Remote Advisory and Online Workshops

You’re likely inundated at the moment, so we won’t distract you. This message is to update you on several things that may be of interest to your teams or organizations.

  1. We now offer on-demand Remote Advisory sessions

  2. How to Future Workshops are moving online

  3. The How to Future book is still on track

Remote Advisory Sessions

We’re regularly tapped to provide an hour or half-day of in-person or phone-based expert view or third party insights into critical topics. Two things have changed: the stakes just got massively higher due to the systemic disruptions wrought by COVID-19, and time and location have collapsed. People need additional clear thinking now, and travel is, well, not on.

Driven by these factors, we’re formalizing how we assist teams and organizations seeking an outside view, or minds on loan. Changeist has set up a simple process by which organizations can schedule one- or two-hour sessions with two to three of our team to help you re-establish some structured long-term thinking. Things are changing rapidly, and as we do, our group is stepping back to re-assess what’s possible, plausible and preferable. We’re keeping up with our standard high-volume scanning to take in and process change.

Read more about how this works on our website.

This is a billed service, but we’re setting costs on a sliding scale based on the type of organization. All sessions are delivered by Zoom or your preferred video meeting platform, and we will strive to be available on all time zones. What matters is re-orienting in order to see risk and opportunity clearly in the long term. Let us assist you.

How to Future Courses Online

Even before COVID-19’s outbreak, we were re-evaluating providing some or all HTF applied futuring workshop modules online. We’ve decided to make the jump, and will be piloting new module delivery in April. If an online How to Future workshop makes sense for your organization, or even if you want to discuss something customized, let us know. We’re refitting for distributed online teams, and looking at some innovative tools for delivery. This even gives us a chance to experiment further, and enables some flexible scheduling options, such as half-day module delivery spread over several weeks.

Check out the current workshop modules and get in touch.

How to Future Book On Schedule

We knew our new book would be useful in the summer of 2020, but that demand curve just took a sharp turn upward! How to Future was written exactly for these times, and for small groups or teams to use it as much as a tactical handbook as an educational tool. It will be here soon!

Thanks to the many people who responded to our announcement in February to send congrats and pre-order. The latter has kept our publisher happy, and encouraged us as we prepare for the summer launch. Everything is on track for release on 3 July in Europe and 28 July in rest of world.

A number of you have been in contact asking us to speed it up! Rest assured, our publisher is pushing it through, and all copy has just gone into production. Shortly, we will have galleys in hand as the last step of review before the presses roll.

If you want to access the ideas inside sooner than July, might we suggest a course? Each course will come with a copy for attendees on publication.

Regarding launch activities, more details to be announced soon. We’re already planning a West Coast leg in the US, with stops in LA and San Francisco, situation allowing, for early August. If you would like us to stop in and talk to you, let us know.

This is a rough time, no doubting it. We’re all working around the clock to stay upright, take care of those who need it, and make the best of what results. Our whole team, spread across four countries as I write this, is working on both personal and public missions to assess possibility and plan for better. We’re trying to push out small ways of helping—like this quick primer on impact mapping—while we work on big issues, and will continue to.

We wish you and all around you the very best in this. Consider us a resource if we can assist you, help you think, or make a plan.

— Scott

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